For Sellers

Who Needs a REALTOR® Anyway ??

Selling your home? Why pay a REALTOR® when you can do it yourself?

"For Sale By Owner" - It looks pretty easy, doesn't it - decide on a price, put a sign on the lawn, advertise and wait for the offers... But how can you ensure you are getting the best price, and are reaching all the potential buyers ?

Remember the three P's - Price, Presentation, Promotion.

Price - It's very tempting to look at prices others in the area are asking and maybe try a little higher to test the market. After all, you can always drop the price later if it doesn't work. That's a big mistake. Starting with too high an asking price usually results in a very slow sale and an eventual lower price than if you price it accurately to start with. The only way to establish a realistic price is with a thorough C.M.A. (Comparative Market Analysis) which your REALTOR® can prepare with access to the Real Estate Board records of listings and sales. Remember the advertised prices are not necessarily the same as the actual prices realised, and you cannot just assume that most homes sell at say 5 or 10% less than asking. Certainly during the current very active market, quite a few well priced homes have attracted multiple offers and achieved higher than their initial asking price, while assumable mortgages and other considerations can also greatly affect the final price. Make sure you have all the facts when you want to list your home - talk to your REALTOR® first.

Presentation - You wouldn't try and sell a car without a little polish to make it look as good as possible. The same should apply to your biggest investment - your home. Clear out the junk and give the house a good clean. Look around for minor blemishes. You may think your home is perfect but an impartial and experienced eye may spot little things that could put off a potential buyer. Your REALTOR® knows what sells and what doesn't.

Promotion - You can place an ad in the paper, and maybe put something on your own web site, but how can you be sure to reach the whole market? By listing with one REALTOR® you have instant access through MLS® (Multiple Listing System) to more than 20,000 licensed REALTORS® throughout Greater Vancouver, from Whistler and the Sunshine Coast to Maple Ridge, and your home will be listed in the MLS® and Real Estate Board's website as well as appearing in print in Realtylink.

If your home is seriously on the market, someone has to be on call to answer questions and arrange showings - sometimes at quite short notice. Can you afford to take time off work for this ? Why not let your REALTOR® do it for you. Click Here to contact me.